Domenica is a new generation take-away/deli–market/ristorante

Now, wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could all have a little bit of Sunday everyday? While we are aware it is sometimes hard to find the time to cook a meal from scratch and take a break to enjoy a long lunch, we believe that anyone can definitely benefit from embracing the Domenica philosophy.

Domenica is a new generation take-away/deli-market/ristorante inspired by the deep and authentic passion for good food that belongs to the Italian culture. Tradition, artisanship, attention to details and joy of sharing are just some of the values that define our vision and push us to bring you only the best of natural Italian food. In order to do just that, we have personally selected a bunch of small suppliers and growers who are as passionate as we are, care about the environment and respect their employees. They all work very hard to provide us with top quality products that we then transform into genuine and tasty meals by adding our fresh, metropolitan twist.


Domenica is the first take-away, deli-market, ristorante to rely on an independent distribution chain. We have created a localized platform of small suppliers and growers, family-run businesses and young companies, which are specialized in the making of natural and authentic Italian eats. By interacting directly with the producers and circumscribing our platform to a few specific regions, we escape the stringent rules of mass distribution channels and make fairer agreements with our partners. What’s more, we have full control on the quality and carry exclusive products at a reasonable price.


From breakfast to dinner, Domenica offers a wide choice of tasty, natural meals that are freshly made in our kitchen and beautifully packaged for our customers to take away and eat anywhere they like. Need to grab your lunch on-the-go? Check out our Italian-style sandwiches or our authentic dishes, which are prepared with a selection of the best regional ingredients to meet every taste. Fancy a comforting, earthy meal to warm you up in a cold Brussels day? Try our amazing lasagne: the typical Italian Sunday dish with a modern and innovative twist! Want to eat light without sacrificing flavour? Our salads are just perfect for you. And for days when you feel like treating yourself to a delicious dessert. We also have vegan/vegetarian options that will make every meat lover want to go veg…at least for a day!!!

honest eating

Our products are ethically and sustainably sourced. In order to bring you only the best of natural Italian food, we have personally selected a bunch of small suppliers in the South of Italy who respect the environment and provide fair conditions for their workers. We only team up with trusted companies, which fully share our vision. This way we are sure that no nasty ingredients end up in your food. We love eating honest, do you?


Browse and shop our food boutique, where you find more than 100 high quality, award-winning products we meticulously selected for you to share with friends, gift or simply enjoy on a cosy night in. Along with the classics like prosciutto, fresh mozzarella di bufala and San Marzano tomato, we have a wide array of DOCG wines and liquors, organic preserves and ready to eat sauces that will make your cooking life much easier. All 100% natural, tasty and MADE IN ITALY!