Making Pizza: A Love Story

Warm you up with our P2 sandwich
28 April 2017
Lemony Tuna spread Sandwich
10 May 2017

Perhaps the most popular street food of all times, Pizza has become a symbol of multiculturalism and integration, as its soft, elastic dough  can be seasoned with all sorts of ingredients to meet any taste and cuisine.

At Domenica we believe making pizza is an art, which requires a great deal of love and patience. That’s why we let our dough rise a whole night and use only 100% natural Italian flours.

As a  result, our pizza becomes soft and airy, ready to be topped with the best sustainable and authentic ingredients coming directly from our network of sm all suppliers in the South of Italy.

Hence, time and care are the secret ingredients that make our pizza stand out from the crowd. Come and grab a slice to believe, but beware, it is highly addictive!!!